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It was 1997 when I first realized how important music promotion is. I was in a band, and we were going no where fast. So I started a website called the Texas Musicians Network. I designed it as a guide for Texas musicians on how to promote themselves. To do it effectively, I had to learn something about music promotion.

So I started compiling resources. I started reading the few books available about music promotion. Then I started reading general marketing and promotion books. I found Bob Baker and subscribed to his music promotion newsletter. I did everything I could possibly do to master the art of music promotion.

In 2000, I started publishing the Bards Crier Music Marketing & Promotion Ezine for Working Musicians. It was an instant hit. Because I stopped worrying what the "professionals" said, and started focusing on my own successes in the music business. The results were phenomenal.

So what does it take to do music promotion effectively?

It takes time, energy, and a lot of patience. There is no quick guide to success. You have to promote your music and then promote your music some more.

This website is designed to link you to some of the articles I've written on music promotion. You can learn from my work and guide yourself to resounding success that will be heard across the globe.

Get started now by subscribing to my monthly newsletter below. Then wait for your success to grow as you master the art of music promotion.

Once you're done there, start reading the many free articles I've written on music promotion.

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